ICT 5000
- 모델명ICT 5000
- 제품구분Interferential Stimulator
- 제조업체Co., MI Tech
- 판매원Co., MI Tech
- 적용분야피부과, 일반외과, 성형외과, 비뇨기과,가정의학과등
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ICT 5000 Features interference therapy.


Low-frequency stimulation current type interference.


Complete control by digital signature Wave (Sine Wave) occurs.

To relieve muscle pain.

- Digital control by the perfect sign wave (Sine Wave) occurs.

- By microprocessor control system.

- Fixed auto-scan frequency and change in frequency due to excellent effect.

- Lesions programmed according to the operation mode.

- Starting from zero maximum safety enhancements.

- Automatic sseoksyeon additional effects-driven.

- Voice of the start and end of the operation will tell.

- Mode effects interference of various shapes.

- Rated voltage and frequency: AC 220V, 60Hz

- Power consumption: 40W

1) Output frequency: 5000Hz

2) Output Modulation: 0%, 50%, 100%

3) Output voltage: 72Vp-p

4) Output Current: Max 40mA

5) Output waveform: Sine wave

- Operating time: 5 to 60 minutes (5-minute interval setting)

- Suction pressure: up to 300mmHg