- 모델명DF-03
- 제품구분High-frequency stimulation
- 제조업체Co., MI Tech
- 판매원Co., MI Tech
- 적용분야

High-frequency stimulation: DF-03

M.I.TECH's high-frequency RF Plus stimulates the cell function by improving the thermal effects, analgesia, blood flow increases, the healing of chronic inflammation and infection, and the purpose of promoting the professional medical equipment.


- Really excited nerve cells in the superior pain relief effect

- Deep tissue cells can be caused by the thermal effect of the enhancement, analgesia, increased blood flow, promote the healing of chronic inflammation and infection, and used for the purpose of treatment.

- Bio-heat the fat to break down cellulite and improve the local timber lymphoid organs promoting
effect of emissions.

- Bio-absorption assisting the rise of the thermal energy, such as the lymphatic secretion by partially increasing the active oxygen is suppressed, and the cell activation effect of

-  Dermal layer of the living body under the influence of heat energy to activate the collagen is increased and elasticity of the skin, thereby improving the effect of fine lines can be seen.

- The high-frequency current to the human body, feel energized and blood flow and nerve cells use energy to direct stimulation infliction


Stimulation of the biological efficacy of RF Plus 

The high frequency of 300kHz RF Plus current conduction in the human body if he does not recognize the flow of electricity only can feel the body heat due to resistance.
The thermal energy within the skin to feel the warmth as it is called deep hyperthermia, or thermals.
Occurred within the human body, such as heat flow in the nerve cells and can exert a direct stimulating effect of various clinical causes.

1. Pain relief.
To calm agitated nerve cells to relieve pain.

2. Stimulated fat soluble.
Through the thermals break down fat and cellulite 
improvement in the lymphoid organs are drained.

3. Enhancement of cell activity.
With the rise of bio-heat expands the blood vessels to facilitate the flow of blood to help the
absorption of nutrients and oxygen, lymphatic fluid, and partially suppressed by increasing
reactive oxygen species and promotes cell activation.

4. Lifting effect.
Under the influence of heat dermal collagen in vivo by activating the skin's elasticity and causes increased effective in improving the appearance of fine lines can be seen.



Radio Frequrncy

     - Frequrncy : 300kHz
     - Consumption Power : 250W
     - Adjust time setting : 5 ~ 60 min
     - Output power range : 5 ~ 99 step
     - Zero Start
     - Select of face or body by switch
     - Kind of electode
       1) Face : Ø10mm, Ø20mm, Ø30mm
       2) Body : Ø40mm, Ø50mm, Ø60mm, Ø70mm,
       3) Plate



     - Frequrncy : 1MHz, 3MHz
     - Consumption Power : 60W
     - Adjust time setting : 1 ~ 10 min
     - Output power range : 0.1 ~ 2.5W
     - Zero Start
     - Select of 1MHz or 3MHz by switch